At CE Smart Home, we continue to develop and produce innovative products that help people embrace the power of ever-evolving technology; we strive to make life simpler, better, more manageable, and above all, enjoyable.

From rapid charging USB and A/C outlets, to surge protected power strips and wall taps, we keep all the devices you rely on daily safe, powered, and ready to go when you are.

Now, CE Smart Home is here to help you take control of your total home environment by introducing a customizable smart home experience. Through the CE Smart App, our Wi-Fi outlets and power strips let you monitor, control, and manage your electronics, appliances and lighting, at home and on-the-go right at your fingertips. Making life easier through innovation is the CE mission.

CE Smart Home is a division of CSN, Inc. For over 20 years, The CSN family, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, has focused on one goal - Making a House Your Oasis. CSN, Inc. has strived to constantly design and produce fresh, stylish, quality products for every room of your home and outdoor living spaces. CSN, CE Smart Home, and Charging Essentials make coming home a delightful experience you will look forward to every day.

CE Smart App

Download the CE Smart app on your smart phone or tablet today. The CE Smart app allows you to easily control, monitor and schedule your connected devices anytime from anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular service. Pair with an Alexa or Google Assistant device and you can directly ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn your devices on or off using voice commands. An Alexa or Google Assistant device is required.

Free Mobile App

Smart Charging
USB ports provide convenient one-source charging for your mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. (USB ports may not charge all devices. Some devices require a proprietary USB power supply.)

Energy Savings
Save money on energy usage by running the devices on your schedule.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Wi-Fi products connect to your 2.4GHz home internet so that you can remotely control all of them through Wi-Fi or cellular networks, anytime and anywhere.

Smartphone Compatibility
Wireless products work with any smart phone or tablet running Android 4.1 and above or iOS 8 and above.