Three Socket Adaptor with USB A & C Chargers


Transform Your Sockets With Charging Essentials Three Socket Adaptors with USB A & C Chargers

Take control and manage your socket and USB charging needs by utilizing the compact, space saving Charging Essentials Socket Adaptors with USB A & C Chargers. The sleek design will conveniently fill all your charging needs with one station that houses 3 sockets, 2 rapid-charging USB-A ports and 1 rapid-charging USB-C port. No more searching for available sockets!

Surge Protection and Removable Fuse

Charging Essentials three socket adaptors also feature surge protection up to 490 Joules* to give you peace of mind your electronics remain protected. The compact socket adaptors easily plug into any standard home wall socket with no wiring or installation needed. Each socket adaptor is equipped with a built in removable 13A fuse. The abundant source of power provided by the Charging Essentials Twin Socket Adaptors will quickly transform your home into a power and charging oasis.

Open Circuit Voltage of the Combination Wave Generator
  • 6KB (L-N)
Surge Protection Joule Rating
  • 490 Joules*
Line Voltage
  • 220-240V ~ 50/60HZ
Maximum Line Current (Amps)
  • 13Amp**
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage
  • 255V~
Voltage Protection Level
  • 1.5KV (L-N)
3-wire Grounding Outlets
  • 3
USB Charging Ports Total
  • PD20W Total
  • 5V/3A (15.0W), 9V/2A (18.0W), 12V/1.5A(18.0W)
  • 5V/3A (15.0W), 9V/2.22A (20.0W), 12V/1.67A(20.0W)
USB-A and C Total
  • 5V / 3A (15.0W) Max
20W Power Delivery Mode
  • 20W Power Delivery Mode allows rapid charge to a device while using the USB-C port in single port use. Use to rapid charge devices such as phones, tablets, notebooks, speakers and cameras (not designed to charge laptops). A 3 Amp maximum charge will apply when more than one USB A/C port is in use.
  • * Consult the manufacturer of devices plugged into this Charging Essentials product and/or a licensed electrician to confirm recommended surge protection levels for all your devices prior to use. This product is designed to limit damage to electronic devices from electrical surges of less than 490 Joules. The sensitivity of electronic devices to electrical surge varies, and this product may not protect against electrical surges greater than 490 Joules, such as from lightning strikes.
  • ** Not for use with RCD Sockets